In the world, gambling is not a right, rather it is a restricted behaviour allowed by your government or banned -depending on their view of the activity. If a country regulates and allows gambling, this is referred to as a gambling jurisdiction; an area or national territory where gambling is permitted. Within each gambling jurisdiction, there is an independent or government body who is in charge of regulating and creating gambling legislation. It is this body who awards gambling licences, allowing certain casinos to operating in their territory and target their citizens. It is these bodies we’re taking a closer look at today to which offers the best level of player protections, because just like national law- every country is different!

The Best Gambling Jurisdictions for Player Protections will help you understand:

  • The differences in gambling jurisdictions across the world.
  • The impact casino licencing has for the player.
  • Which licensing jurisdictions are known for the best player protections.
  • How to pick a casino with first-tier licensing.

Gambling Jurisdictions in the World

Let’s take the UK as an example of a gambling jurisdiction. It works like this:

safety playerThe UK online casinos allows regulated gambling, all gambling regulation and legislation is created by the UK Gambling Commission, who were established in 2005-7. The UK has always had a favourable view of gambling, taxing and allowing regulated operations since the 60s (think big, we’re talking the national lottery here).

The UKGC was established by the government, but is an independent government body, fully in control of awarding licences, auditing casinos, sanctioning them and third-party disputes, as well as conducting market and industry research (the UKGC actually do much more, but we can’t cover it all here, head to their site to explore). They are known as one of the best due to their involvement within the industry, conviction to responsible gambling and high level of research into all areas of the industry.

To offer a casino service to a UK resident or to operate in the territory of the UK you must apply for a UKGC licence and agree to meet the strict terms and conditions of licensing, which favour player protection and fair gaming. The UKGC is what we call a first-tier gambling jurisdiction as they enforce all their rules, which are designed with player protection and safety in mind and auditing operators to ensure nothing is slipping as well as directly receiving complaints from players.


It’s not legal to gambling everywhere in the world and our example is one of the best, alternatively, there are also comparably bad gambling jurisdictions.

In some countries, it is completely illegal for citizens to partake in gambling, or certain activities such as sports may be regulated, whilst lotteries not, meaning the types of gambling you can partake in can differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This creates the picture we see today of uneven regulation from gambling jurisdictions as they are not all are created equally; born of different values, outlooks, tax objectives/ licensing revenue and attitudes to consumer protections, which means we can rank them.

Why Is This Important for Player Protection?

Well, as Casinos have the freedom to roam and set up their businesses overseas in preferential economic zones like Malta or Alderney (who compete for their business as it brings tax and licensing revenue), but still seek your custom. So, it’s pretty key to know which offers you best protections and why a casino may register in a certain jurisdiction over another.

If you are interested in this topic and you want to know more about don’t miss the second part next week! We are going to introduce the UKCG player protection plan and will offer to you a FAQ schema to answer at all the questions you may have.

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