Software: Elk

Elk-slots-freeElk Studios was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2012 so were dealing with a rather young company. However, you wouldn’t know it when you look at their games portfolio and what they’ve achieved-it’s incredible to consider they’ve only been up and running for under 10 years!

ELK hasn’t drawn that much attention at awards to date, we suspect this is due to their portfolio size, however, they have been recognised as one of Sweden’s top 5 fastest growing tech firms and in 2017, Wild Toro, was awarded The EGR Game of the Year. We expect to see a lot more awards and attention coming in ELK’s direction.

ELK Studios is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission and Gibraltar Gambling Commission, with this level of licensing it is a dead cert that you are playing with a great games developer when you choose ELK.

Who is ELK Studios Casino Software Provider?

Elk is based in Stockholm, and is made up of a small team of less than 50 slot crazy experts. Despite how crowded the slot market is (and was back in 2012), they saw a place for themselves and areas where other casino software companies were lacking. ELK has a clear focus of delivering the most entertaining and best mobile slots available and for that is exactly what they do.

As a new startup, Elk took the bold choice to only produce slots and have concentrated all their efforts on creating outstanding games since. They manage to perfectly mash together strong statistics with beautiful artwork and animations to create some stunning slot games setting them apart from the casino crowd. Each and every ELK slot has been carefully crafted like art and will blow you away. The ELK games development process uses 3 primary disciplines art, technology and math to create fantastic gaming options.

ELK is a mobile-first, and games are optimised for desktop after. They prioritise the current most popular way to play and recognise the changing times. Their games are available in 20 languages and have a global reach as they have partnered with different platforms like Microgaming’s QuickFire. For Elk transparency is also a key concept of the games they create, instead of releasing info packs that burry unattractive slot details they clearly publish all the stats you need to know in their game pages, which is a nice touch.

ELK Studios Slot Machines

The ELK Slots collection is not huge due to their short time of operating, but they definitely have the quality needed to be well established as a software company. They have 23 slots under their belt and each new release is, impossibly, better than the last. Favouring a cartoon style and high variance slots most come with an RTP of between 93-98%. The average is around 96%, which is mid-market.

The graphics and artwork are really something to behold, their first releases in 2013 (The Lab and Electric Sam) made a big impact on players. Each Elk game that is released brings something new to the table whether it is in the gameplay or back-end settings. A couple of examples are:

  • Betting Strategies: This game function is a new way of letting the game software automatically adopt different betting strategies for you when appropriate and potentially increasing your chances of winning.
  1. The Optimizer: this automatically changes your bet level in sync with your balance on that spin.
  2. The Leveller: increase the bet level by 2 after 5 consecutive losses.
  3. The Booster: raises the bet level by 1, resetting after a win.
  4. The Jumper: this increases the bet level by 1 after each win and resets it after a loss.
  • Game on: This is a mini loyalty reward scheme in the slot games. Once a player has spun 25 or more times with real money free spins can randomly trigger as a reward.

What are the Best ELK Slots to Play?

These are our top 5 ELK Slot recommendations. They are not ordered, when it comes to ELK slots it would be near impossible to choose:

  1. Wild Toro: With 5 reels and 178 ways to win, this is an award-winning slot. It is themed around a Spanish bullfight and features walking wilds, a showdown between the Matador and Toro the bull, re-spins, wilds, sticky Matadors and colossal wins of up to 2,250x your bet! The soundtrack is catchy, the visuals cutting-edge, the animations cheeky- altogether it bring a smile and great gameplay. It’s no wonder this game took the title of EGR game of the year.
  2. Sam on the Beach: This slot brings summer right into your living room (or wherever you’re playing from) and again delivers a smile. It has an easy and relaxed theme, features Sam- who is the star of another ELK slot, Electric Sam- and is set in the Caribbean. Sam on the Beach is all colour and fun with sea-themed symbols, a tropical soundtrack, fantastic character design, 5 reels, 243 ways to win, wilds, scatters, free spins, re-spins and sticky multipliers!
  3. Poltava Flames of War: For a slot steeped in history check out Plotava. It’s themed around The Great Northern War between Russian and Sweden, and set in the Ukraine during the early 18th The game depcits the battle which ceased Swedish influence in the region and the opening video, soundtrack and effects are gripping. You’ll enter the battle and play between normal mode, which has marching reels or flames of war free spins.
  4. Taco Brothers: Yet again, this is another ELK slot with a good dose of humour and great concept design. Taco Brothers is set in 1881, in the village of Santa Maria, where all Tacos are free until the Evil Captain Diaz arrives and takes all the Tacos away. In the fight for Taco’s and freedom, The Taco Brothers (Pepe, Pico and Paso), take over the reels. They have wilds, re-spins, an escape bonus game and multipliers to assist them in their mission.
  5. Bloopers: The red carpet has been rolled out for this slot, which is set at a Hollywood award ceremony. It features 5 reels, 243 ways to win, wilds, scatters, sticky wilds, and a whole host of adorable characters who take the reels and awards by storm.

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ELK Compete Optional Add On

ELK complete is an optional add on for casinos and allows them to run slot tournaments through ELK games. This can be on the small scale, with individual challenges, like chasing down Matadors in Wild Toro or multiplayer challenges and milestones like the first player to get the biggest coin win.

Compete takes tournaments and slots to a new level, letting slot players compete like never before. You’ll get on screen milestones and leader board updates for the challenge which really ratchet up the excitement. If you’re competitive, this makes ELK Slots a sure winner for you.

Why Should You Play ELK Studio Games?

Choosing ELK is about quality over quantity and appreciation of genius gaming. Yes, you need a little patience to watch these guys grow, but in our opinion, it’s much better than a software company who are constantly churning out many mediocre slots.

Their gaming suite may not be huge, but each and every title has been crafted, from the concept to the math- everything is perfect. If this doesn’t have you already reaching for the Slotsbot free play tab, we’re not sure what will!

Where to Play ELK Casino Games

As a smaller studio with a lesser selection of slots the best place to play ELK games are at a casino that stocks many different developers as this will stop you easily tiring from playing the same games and lets you explore different slot styles. You will find that ELK games are stocked at a lot of the top online casinos. If you are looking for a casino to play ELK Slots then you can check out the top rated casinos.

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