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The best online casino promotions added to our listing, including detailed info about bonuses and promo code. Just click on the "Get it now" button of your preferred promotion and you can immediately start play with lots of new benefits!


Qualifying for Online Casino Promotions

online-casino-promotionsNo matter what kind of player you are, there are always online casino promotions out there that could benefit you.

Whether it’s just to take the strain off your purse strings and let you play more for less or it’s the kind of casino offers that gives you something totally for free, the team is here to dish the dirt about the best casino bonuses out there and enhance your gaming experience. 

Contrary to common belief, it’s not just new players who qualify for best casino offers online, in many cases, anyone can. The fact that welcome offers are so well publicized have often led people to think that casino promotions are only for new players, this is wrong. There is tons of fantastic deals out there that you could be benefitting from.

Every day, week and month most online casinos will have a marketing plan of what promos they will roll out for that time. Often, they are very lucrative, which means keeping a keen eye out for those free spins, Monday Madness deals and last minute by one get one free casino bonuses.

With some deals, you may have to do something like make a small deposit to active the deal, but in each case, we’ll highlight to you the exact qualifying conditions.

 The Advantages of Claiming the Best Casino Offers UK

Players from the UK can enjoy some of the best casino promotions around, as well as the most convenient conditions such as:

  • The law in the UK always protects the interests of the players
  • Gaming operators are required to have the maximum transparency of their casino offers
  • In sites legalized in the UK you will have no problem picking up your prizes won within the time limits
  • The Gambling Commission ensures that the casino offers  are always genuine

Understanding Casino Best Offers

Knowing the different types of online casino promotions on offer will give you a sharper eye when it comes to assessing a casino’s worth in terms of how they treat their current and prospective players. It also means you’ll know what to look out for and which casino offers the most value for your pocket. Whether it is a penny or a pound you are saving, when it comes to spinning online slots, every little counts.

1. Matched Deposits

matched-bonus-promotionA casino favourite, this casino bonus asks you to lay down some dollar before you get a reward. The matched deposit deal will then match your deposit by the percentage stated. For example, let’s take a 100% matched deal on deposits of £10-100. Say I deposit £20, the casino would 100% match my deposit, giving another £20 and my total casino credit is £40.

This is a very wonderful casino bonus that usually features in the welcome offers, but can also be rolled out at any time and on any deposit. You do have to watch out for the T&Cs when it comes to matched deposits though as withdrawals will not be as simple as expected and wagering requirements are the norm (find out more below).

2. Welcome Offers

welcome-offer-promotionThe casino Welcome promotions are aimed at new customers only and often gives a matched deposit or no deposit deal, whereby you will get a small number of casino credits just for signing up. We recommend you always keep an eye out for no deposit casino offers UK as these are the cream of the crop, allowing you to play for real prizes without investing a penny. 

3. Free Spins

free-spins-promotionDished out on many occasions and sometimes without a cause, free spins, are an easy giveaway for online casino promotions. Whether it’s due to the launch of a new slot, Christmas, or the casino is just feeling generous, free spins come easy and make everyone happy, as they are considered among the best casino promotions ever. However, they are normally tied to a certain slot and this cannot be changed so if you’re not a fussy player or looking to branch out then free spins offer an excellent prospect to play for free and win some real money prizes!

4. Weekend Deals

weekend-promotionsWhether it’s called Monday madness, the midweek break, daily happy hours or jackpot Sunday at great online casinos you can always find a day themed casino bonus. Don’t expect anything ground-shaking, but rather look out for free play rooms, extra spins, a special jackpot or discounted game entry. It’s the little things that get you through the week after all so grab yourself a casino bonus.

5. Loyalty Schemes

loyalty-program-promotionLook out for great loyalty schemes, especially those offering cashback on your deposits as these are the most rewarding. We love loyalty being rewarded, from points to cash, loyalty schemes give back to your casino account. If you are a regular player don’t miss your opportunity to sign up for this kind of online casino promotions and get more casino credits or points to play with.

6. Event Tournaments

events-promotionsAnother casino bonus that drives player’s excitement is tournaments. If you are the competitive type then these are a must. Simply compete to be the best, or smash records at certain games and you’ll win extra prizes like a quota of free spins or cash giveaway.

Terms & Conditions for Casino Promotions UK 

Before signing up to any eye-catching online casino promotions offered by the many operators vying for your attention it is important to thoroughly read the T&Cs of any deal. They’ll be rather long and a bit boring, it’s true, but they will also inform you of all the online casino promotions pitfalls such as wager requirements, withdrawal conditions and time allowances which modify how you can use the casino bonus.

Bear in mind you are reading the T&Cs that you are looking for any catches, which means not getting distracted by how wonderful the deal looks and sounds, hone in on those tricky details.

To keep you on your toes and your attention peaked you should always pay particular consideration to the following terms in any online casino promotions small print.

Most Important Terms for Casino Promotions

  1. Wager requirements: Wager requirements (WR) are what trip most players up when it comes to casino bonuses. Often, the player has got carried away by the biggest online casino promotions without seeing the WRs, which if, unfortunately, they are high and you are on a budget can render a casino bonus totally useless. WR are a set amount that the player must spend to release the bonus winnings for withdrawal. They are a multiple of the bonus amount and the lower they are the better. In fact, if you can try to avoid them altogether. To give an example, a bonus of £100 comes with a WR of x7 this means that in total £700 must be wagered before any of the winnings made from the bonus amount can be withdrawn. Using the above example a WR of x20 would mean £2000 needed to be wagered, which is why we say keep the WR low or avoid them completely if you can.
  2. Game Contributions: Linked to the WR, games can contribute different percentages to the overall WRs so ensure you’ve checked how much the game you want to play contributes to the overall WR before you take the deal and start spinning.
  3. Time Limits: Check if there are any time limits placed on the deal or the outcomes of the deal such as; the bonus must be used with 7 days. Missing details like this could spell disaster for your online casino promotions when it is forfeit.

Where to Find the Best Casino Promotions

best-online-casino-promotionsThe answer, as if you couldn’t have guessed, is with SlotsBot’s. All you need to do is check back with us regularly and you’ll get an updated list of the best promo deals being offered by each of our top scoring casinos.  

We constantly update the list of casino best offers in UK to reflect the top deals of the moment including expiry times, breakdown of terms and conditions and provider link. You’ll be able to see all the different deals being offered by different casinos on one page which is easier than checking with each site individually to grab the best bargain.

If you’d rather have 1 to 1 contact with your casino it’s recommended to keep up to date with their latest online casino promotions by following them on social media and checking their promotions page. You may be surprised at just how much is being given away when you do with a standard casino offering anywhere between 1-10 promotions running.

Claimint the Right Online Casino Promotion Bonus for You

Online casino promotions can be a big factor in deciding where you play and so they should be. If you pick the right casino, you will find that you’re always being rewarded and appreciated for playing.  Using Slotsbot to compare bonuses is, therefore, both time saving and helpful!

If you find a casino bonus that tickles your fancy, but you don’t know anything about the casino then you can read the full review here and find out everything you need to know before you start playing!

It’s time to cash in on great casino promos today, so read our online casino reviews for a great start!