Online Slots: Everything a Player Needs to know

Slot games have come a long way since they were first envisioned (thank you, Charles Fey). In fact, they are now the most innovative area of any casino where literally anything can go and boundaries are broken. From wild bonus rounds to big jackpots or virtual reality play, the sky- or rather the designer’s imagination- is the limit. Online slots provide not only the chance for huge prizes, but amazing fun too as each new release offers a new gaming style, storyline or bonus round.

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The Evolution and History of Online Slots


Slot games are the area of the casino where boundaries can be broken, pushed to their limits and then, often stepped right over to create ground-breaking gameplay. Online slots are not like a classic game of Roulette or Blackjack, where the rules are the rules. Instead, things can change day by day depending on the skill of the software studios.

Feel like adding more bet lines….well why not, let’s do the math and have an online slot with 1024 ways to win. Want to scrap the spinning reels and give re-spins, why not, let’s make the symbols explode with cluster pays. Want to give players the chance to win millions….hell YES, let’s create pooled jackpots. You get what we mean? Online slots offer unrivalled potential and this is what makes them so very thrilling, it’s also what gets the Slotsbot experts so riled up when they play and review new slots online.

We’re pretty sure that all the way back in 1887, Charles Fey had no idea what he was starting when he first invented the slot machine, which he named the Liberty Bell and began producing in 1891. He started an unstoppable trend in modern gaming, and since, the slot has been king, surviving decades and centuries, translating into online gaming in ways the pioneering Mr. Fey could never have known, but boy are we grateful to him.

Find out about classic, video, jackpot and new online slots from the Slotsbot experts here, along with how to play and win them…psst, we’ll also give you some top tips on great slots to play for each type and how to play them for free.

What About Online Slots Today?

Slots, as we know them today, are generally the online variant and are designed primarily to be so. With the development of the internet, the goal posts of both playing possibilities and audience numbers and range changed hugely. No longer did players need to be within a geographical area of a casino, or make a special trip to visit one and slot designers were given an unrivalled ability to experiment, unconstrained by machine reels, space or functionality. The birth of the internet brought freedom and with it, experimental online slots, which anyone, anywhere could play….and so they do. 

The UK online gambling industry is now worth a colossal £13.7 billion, with a large percentage of this coming from online slots. They are one of the largest grossing areas of any online casino, which is another reason why there is always something new and exciting being developed or released. The easiest way for you guys to keep up to date with all these online slot innovations is to read the Slotsbot blog, our experts are always on top of all the major developments.

Online Slot Types and Variants

Due to the massive range of online slot games, the easiest way to talk about them is to break them down and categorise them. When you are starting out and getting to know which kind of online slots you like to play, you’ll find that different software studios tend to produce different types of slots, either specialising in niches or championing certain sectors like graphics and storylines. You can find out all about the different software studios on Slotsbot. But first let’s talk about all the different types of online slots you can find, play and win.

1 – Classic Online Slots

classic-slot-iconClassic online slots are the type that Charles Fey invented. They have 3 reels (instead of the contemporary and now usual 5), tend to be simpler in design and graphics, feature smaller prizes and fewer bet lines, but they also come with smaller bet limits. The main defining characteristic of a classic online slot game is the 3 reels. Many classics embrace a retro feel and theme, having original casino symbols such as cherries, liberty bells, lucky 7s and horseshoes.

2 – Online Video Slots

video-slot-iconVideo slots are what dominates today’s online slot industry. They tend to have 5×3 reels- although as stated, pretty much anything can go- feature vibrant themes and have as many or as few prizes and extra rounds as the software studio wishes. The bonus rounds and slot game intro are often used to develop a storyline or theme. The graphics, soundtrack and slot design are usually very high quality and cutting-edge. There are some stunning examples of video slots developing brilliant narratives, such as The Invisible Man or those that showcase jaw-dropping graphics like Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion. We should not forget to mention old favourites that fall into this grouping of slots like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest- which was the first slot to be reproduced in 3D.

Themes for video slots range far and wide from historical to fantasy and you’ll find plenty of branded content in this category of online slots such as Game of Thrones, Bridesmaids and Crystal Rift, along with a multitude of betlines and bet limits that can range from the very small to the very large to include a range of budgets, players and prizes.

3 – Online Jackpot Slots

jackpot-slot-iconProgressive jackpot online slots often generate excitement on another level, in fact, we’ve got a whole guide written on them right here.  They are modern online video slots, but with the chance to take home monumental jackpot prizes. We are not just talking about big, or huge prizes, but most of the time six-digit, life-changing figures. The jackpot figure is built up by a percentage of each spin being contributed to either a local or networked jackpot. If you’re looking to play progressive online slots reading our guide is a must and you should prepare to play for a longer period at max bet as jackpots can be difficult to win. That said, with so much interest and so many players spinning the reels of famous progressive jackpot slots the prizes build up in no time.

Who Makes slots machines online?

Online slots are designed, made and produced in-house by software studios. You will of heard of some of the industry giants who’ve been around for years like Net Entertainment (NetEnt), Microgaming, Aristocrat, BETSOFT, IGT, NextGen, Parlay, we could go on forever, but others are newer, up and coming, or just starting out.

In the case of the latter, it becomes more important to read reliable reviews of their games. Sometimes this is because you want an expert opinion, others, because you loved the game so much you crave to know more about its creator, which is great, because with the Slotsbot software reviews [you can satisfy your urge for knowledge.

How to play and Win Online Slots


Playing online slots is easy, and the good news is, you can play for free on our platform. This provides a great training ground and place to experiment with different slots and the offerings from different software studios. If you’d rather jump straight in and start winning prizes you’ll need to join one of our recommended casinos. 
Once you are a member simply chose and open the slot you want to play, load up the game screen, take a look at the slots rules, rounds and paytable, set your desired bet and click spin- told you it was easy.
At players often ask us what strategy they can use to make sure they take home the jackpot or win the top prizes with a slot game. The honest answer is there is no winning formula or quick cheat. Slot results are random and tested to be so.
That doesn’t mean you can’t employ a winning strategy and the best is to make sure you know how to play the slot, have practised with our free play versions, have understood all the rules and have a predetermined betting strategy.

Slotsbot Slots Reviews

When you are ready to splash your cash at a land-based casino, we want you to play and win like a pro. This is why our experts write elite online slot reviews with exclusive tips and online slots reviews. There’s nothing better than trying an online slot before you play for real money, especially if you are new to this type of gaming as you’ll gain experience with loads of online slots along with having a great time.

The benefits of reading our game reviews and playing online slots for free are never-ending, but ultimately it will make you a better player, which means more winning. Our blog will also keep you abreast of all the key events in the slots calendar like ICE gaming awards and new technology as it is developed and released. You won’t miss a beat or a moment of the online slots action with Slotsbot, whether you’re a seasoned slots lover or a new player, with us, you’ll become an expert in no time at all.