Free Slots: How to Play and Where to Find Them

Three words spell perfection in the eyes of slot lovers and gamers everywhere; free, play and slot. What could be better than that combination in a sentence?  In any order, it sounds spot-on. Free slots offer all of the gameplay and amazing fun as playing for real cash, but they offer you a whole lot less risk or the choice to not gamble at all. The advantages of free slots are abundant, but before we delve into them let’s backtrack a little and talk about why slots, in general, are so fantastic. After which the Slotsbot experts will tell you exactly where to find and play free slot machines online. If you are an UK online casinos player don’t forget to read the paragraph to discover more about the free games. 


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Free Slots: What’s All the Fuss About?


In case you haven’t heard, online slots are one of the most experimental and fastest growing area of online gaming, they’ve been around since the late 1800s and provide endless gaming opportunities. They attract players from across a range of interests and gaming backgrounds offering amazing game-play, stunning prizes and no experience needed (although as we’ll cover here, the more experience you have, the better).

Slots are games where you stake a bet, spin the reels and win prizes if you land a winning combination, according to the betline rules, on the reels. Free online slots are exactly the same, but you are playing for free instead of using your own cash. Sometimes this means you do not place a real bet, and therefore, cannot win real cash prizes, or at other times you will use free casino credits and can win prizes. We’ll tell you about both kinds in this article and where to find free play slot machines.

Slot machines attract millions of players of all ages and showcase many different themes and storylines as well as bet limits to suit all budgets and prizes expectations. You can find classic, video and jackpot slots online. Slot players are quickly glued to their screens, lost in immersive game-play and jaw-dropping graphics.

They offer a bright and colourful escape from the drab reality of daily tasks, with slots a fictional world awaits allowing players not only a reprieve, but fantastic prizes too, and they fit into your pocket thanks to the mobile gaming revolution.  Basically, there is a slot for everyone and when you play free slots with, we’ll help you find yours without putting any money up front. Even once you’ve found your perfect slot type, there’s no need to start betting, you can keep playing away with free slots.

Where to Find Free Slots

So where can you find and play free slots? As we briefly mentioned you can play free slots without placing a real cash bet, or you can use a casino bonus to gain free spins on a slot. In terms of the latter option, you will still be able to collect real cash prizes and you will lay real bets through the use of free casino credits. Our Slotsbot experts have written a whole guide on how to get more free spins with slots, take a look here.

If your interest is playing free slots without using casino credits/bonuses, you have a couple of options. Online casinos may allow you to play their slots in demo mode to get a feel for the game, and whilst many gamers believe the sign of a great online casino is to allow free to play slots, it is an option that sadly seems to becoming less popular with casinos. Playing free slot machines with online casinos may also limit you as they tend to provide games from only one or two software producers, which will provide a threshold for your slot experience and knowledge.

That leaves players with the most reliable option for free slot games being a review site, just like As we have no financial incentive to restrict our readers playing for free, you can stand assured that we will provide you with as many free slots as we cram in the site. Additionally, because we are not linked to a single software studio you’ll be able to try a huge amount of different games and styles from different software producers with us.

Slotsbot is up to date with all the latest tech, so you can play our free slots on any device; they fit into your schedule and life just like real gambling, but you don’t need to spend a penny. Believe it or not, there are loads of players for who the wager holds no weight. At we welcome one and all to play free slots with us.

Playing slots at UK online casinos

ukAfter the last changes made by the UKCG Commission, there are many things that UK players need to take into consideration before they start playing. First of all, players are obviously required to open an account only in UK online casinos with regulated licences and approved by the UKCG, and secondly, players must be 18 years or older to be eligible. In fact one of the newest (and very important) requirement that casinos and affiliates sites ensure is that they have verified the age of any customer before they can access the licensee’s free-to-play games. Here at we care about our users and that’s why we decided to remove any UK free slots from our site, we are sure that you understand that we want to be certain that our free-to-play games cannot be accessed by children and people under the legal gambling age via our websites.


What’re the Advantages for You?

It’s a great idea to play free slot machines for a multitude of reasons and they apply to both new and old players alike. Here’s an insight into why our slots crazy experts think free slots are the bee’s knees!

1 – Risk-Free, All Out Fun

Whether you are playing slots just for the fun adventure, or you are strategically building up your budding slots knowledge so you can play like a pro, Slotsbot’s free slots offer you risk-free fun. You can load up any slot from our collection and play it for free. In most cases (apart from jackpot slots) the game will run exactly as it would if you placed a real money stake and you’ll have a first-rate playing experience.

Free Slots are of particular interest to players who don’t want to gamble, but still, want to play some of the best games online. Unlike totally free games that are created with no potential to bet, online slots tend to have much better graphics, design and software, because they are created to make the money roll in, and therefore, have to be the best. Thus for players who do not want to gamble, free slots let you access much better games than playing none gambling alternatives.

2 – Experiment with Different Software and Studios

Whatever your reason for playing you’ll be able to experience so much more with free slots than if you had a limited budget. This means getting to try all kinds of different software and slots studios which is an amazing opportunity as they each have different styles, quality and niches. Depending on what style of slots you prefer, different slots software studio will definitely appeal to you. Many players who do not experiment with free slots before they play for real money don’t realise the differences between software studios which is a shame.

Trying free slots from different software studios also comes in handy when looking for a casino to play with. Casinos tend to predominantly stock games from only one or two studios, so if you know whose slots you enjoy by playing them as free slots, you’ll have narrowed down your casino’s top list.

3 – Check out Loads of Cool Slot Themes

Slot themes are in their thousands and by using free slots, you’ll get to experience hundreds of them and decide which you like to play and which you’d rather avoid. They will transport you to some weird and wonderful places and allow you experience lands both familiar and strange.

Trail ancient Gods through history, become a superhero or jump into a steampunk fantasy adventure. Fancy a bit of the future instead, why not spin the reels in a city of prospect and new inventions? Find yourself lost on safari or in the Louvre stealing famous pieces of art, anything is possible with the masses of slot themes. All of this and so much more is available for you to try with Slotbot’s free slots.

Sample Different Slot Formats


Along with finding your preferred slots software supplier and themes, you’ll get to play a range of slot variants and decide whether you enjoy classic slots with simple base games or whether you’d rather be wowed by big bonuses and extra rounds as you work your way through a slot

Once you start to gain more slots knowledge you can also make a short list of free slots that you want to experience before you wager on them. This will help you make sure the slot is really what you expect before you waste any cash and help you avoid disappointment from underwhelming bonus rounds and gameplay.


Practice Free with Slots Makes Perfect

The more you practice, the better you will get at playing slot games. As cliché as the old saying may be, practice makes perfect, it still rings far too true. This is not to say that you will work out how to hit jackpots or beat a slot, as slot machines, including free slots, are totally random in their results. We are talking more about your functionality as a player. 

By practising with free slot machines you’ll be able to quickly gauge the appropriate betting strategy for a slot, understand the rules and how the rounds work, and calculate the paytable and worth of a slot. Basically, playing free slots will help you become a more skilled player, which comes in pretty handy when you start setting your bets and spinning for real money prizes.

Start Playing Free Slots Today

Ready to start playing free slots and become a seasoned player? Then it’s time we take you to the Slotsbot online casino reviews section where you can experiment and play till your heart is content. The biggest question is, how far will you travel and play in a world of free slots where your time is the only limiting factor?