Oasis Poker

Jump into this Poker Pro Series and spend a day at a virtual casino. Oasis Poker Pro Series is brought to you by NetEnt software and gives the player the option to swap cards and beat the house. Read on to find out everything you need to know about winning with Oasis Poker Pro Series.

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Oasis Poker Pro Rules and GamePlay

Oasis-Poker-play-freeTable games all pretty much follow the original casino theme when it comes to graphic design. Felt green table, wooden rimmed, chips, card deck, a place for your bets and cards. It all looks fantastic and the software is without glitch, the music is classical and calming. It creates an authentic feel whilst playing. Oasis Poker Pro Series can be played in Browser from Mac, Linux and Windows.

Oasis Poker Pro Series is played with 52 cards, one deck, shuffled before each round. You play against the House only. The aim is to get the highest hand possible, as that will allow you to not only beat the house, but also win more as higher hands carry higher payouts.

Ante: mandatory first bet.

Call: double the amount of the Ante and needs to be placed to reach the showdown.

Fold: If you cannot make any hands with your 5 dealt cards, you can either, click on the card and it will become facedown and be swopped for a new card. To draw new cards there is a fee, which is equal to the Ante. Or you can Fold. This will stop the round and your Ante will be lost.

Oasis Poker Pro Game Play

  1. Make an Ante bet to receive 5 cards. The dealer is also dealt 4 facedown cards and 1 face up card.
  2. Oasis Poker Pro Series allows player to discard and replace cards for a fee.

Allowing for card swaps can be an expensive option, but if you are already familiar with Poker, i.e. you know all the hands it is a very worthy adaption to classic poker as it allows player to make very high winning hands

  1. To continue play you must choose between Folding- if you have no hand and want to forfeit the round without buying the Call bet- or Call, which will reveal the dealers cards and there who has won the round, this is called the Showdown.

The Showdown of Oasis Poker

The winner is the person who has the best hand, from standard 5 card poker hands. The House only qualifies to compete with their hand if they have an Ace + King or higher. Hands of equal value are a draw and your bets are returned. If you need to brush up on your poker hands click here. Oasis Poker is actually a nice table for new online poker players, there are low bet limits and the table automatically tells you which hands you have from your 5 cards, which means you can learn whilst you play without having to consult anywhere.

Oasis Poker Pro Betting Options

Oasis Poker Pro Series starts bets at just €1, maximum bet limits are €40. This will suit most players, although may keep high rollers away. If you want to play other table games with high limits click here. Chip denominations are 1,5 and 10. The Grey chip cancels your current bet. Theoretical RTP is 99.27%.

Oasis Poker Review: Verdict

Oasis Poker Pro Series adds an important innovative spin to online poker. The real power on this table is being able to swap those cards and make really high wins. We love this addition and it’s a major reason to play, along with the rewarding paytable, which is quite accessible with swaps involved, don’t forget you can practice for free first. Overall this is a very well designed, easy to play and innovative poker table that rewards its players well.  Play and discover other NetEnt tables here.