Joker Vegas 4up

Joker Vegas 4up Video Slot is a slot unlike any other we have seen before. Isoftbet has taken both video poker and video slots, flipping both on their heads to create this very unique card slot game. Throw everything you expect from an online slot out of the window and get ready for poker hands, awesome paytable, levels, multipliers, Free Rides and Double or Nothing Gamble.

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Bonus Game
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Joker Vegas 4up Software and Graphics

Joker-Vegas-4up-free-gameWhen you open Joker Vegas 4up Video Slot it looks like a rather complex version of video poker, complex in that it has four rows of cards, instead of the usual 1. You’ll play on a bright blue background, with the card rows in the middle, multiplier levels to the right and paytable to the left.

Player controls run along the bottom of the screen. You’ll play almost in silence apart from the soft effects of winning hands and cards being dealt. Game controls allow you to change volume, sounds, and game speed.

Frankly, it is graphically underwhelming, but let’s see what else this slot has in store for us.

How to Play at Joker Vegas 4up

Despite the complicated look of this online slot, it is actually quite easy to play. Play starts on the bottom row, you must make a hand shown in the paytable to level up, each time you level up you need to make a new hand and the multiplier is shown on the right-hand side will be applied to the win x1-x8.

The game will automatically hold the best cards for you. You can discard and replace unwanted cards once. If you don’t manage to make a hand the round will end and you bet is lost.

Joker Vegas 4up Hands and Paytable

The Joker is included in the deck and acts as the Wild of this slot, helping to form hands more easily.

  • Royal Flush without Joker: 3,000 coins
  • 4 of a Kind+ Joker: 1,000
  • Royal Flush with Joker: 500
  • Straight Flush: 250
  • 4 of a Kind: 85
  • Full House: 30
  • Flush: 20
  • Straight: 15
  • 3 of a Kind: 10
  • 2 Pairs: 5
  • Kings or Better: 5

There are no jackpot prizes in Joker Vegas 4up Video Slot, however, everything shown in the paytable has the opportunity to be multiplied up to x8 if you are playing at the top level, which provides huge prizes, a royal flush without using a joker would give a massive 24,000 coins. There are also some interesting bonus features to help you make bigger and better wins in this online slot.

Joker Vegas 4up Free Rides

These are like the Free Spins of Joker Vegas 4up Video Slot, they are totally random and when you see a Free Ride pop up you will automatically level up to the next multiplier level and a new hand is dealt.

Double or Nothing Gamble

After each win you can use the Gamble button to risk your winnings by doubling them up to 5 times, you can also lose everything. When you click gamble you’ll go to a separate screen, simply pick 1 of 4 cards that will be higher than the face-up card shown.

Joker Vegas 4up Bets and Limits

RTP is unknown for Joker Vegas 4up Video Slot. There are 5 coins levels and coins are available from €0.01-1.00, lowest bets are €0.04 and highest €20. Make sure you are up to date on all the latest slots strategy right here.

Overall Thoughts on Joker Vegas 4up

This is a really interesting slot from Isoftbet software, they have certainly got creative and we really appreciate that in a game. It offers a totally different vibe to any other slot we have played with them before. Players of both slots and video poker will enjoy taking Joker Vegas 4up Video Slot for a spin and why not when you can try it for free. If you’d rather play other online slots, start exploring with us at