Mobile Slots: The Complete Guide to Mobile Gaming

Smartphones have taken over in almost every area of our lives and when it comes to gaming, this is no different. Mobile is now King, with almost half of all players preferring to play on their phones rather than any other device, and it’s not surprising when the quality of mobile slots is so high. You can find almost every slot on the market available and optimized for mobile use, meaning that each and everyone one of us has potentially got a mini-casino in our pockets. Available at the touch of a finger-tip, from any location and at any time, could anything be more wonderful?

Play Our Slots from Your Mobile Device

The Rise of the Mighty Mobile Slot 

slots-mobile-slotsbotThe SlotsBot team is going to guide you through online slots software different mobile slots on offer, the best places to play mobile slots and tell you all about the different ways you can play slots on your mobile. We’ll also throw in some tips on how to maximize your mobile slot bonuses.

Gone are the days of waiting until you get home to load up your favourite slot, delve into another world, and start playing for real money prizes. Now, thanks to awesome and pioneering casino software studios who have invested in mobile casino and mobile slots technology you’ve got a whole casino available on your phone, and you can play at any time.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re waiting for a bus or taking a break from work, your favourite mobile slots are always ready and waiting for you to take them for a spin.

The smartphone and mobile slot wasn’t always king, and we’ve certainly come a long way since Charles Fey, invented the first slot machine. Many of us still find it mind-blowing how much technology has changed things in the last 20- years.

We’ve moved from the Nokia 3310 to iPhones and Samsung’s latest offerings. It’s very easy for us at to say that gaming has never been this good or as easy to access. Let’s take a look at the software that brings the best mobile slots straight to your mobile and the options you have over how you play.

Mobile Slots Software 

In recent years, since the early 2000s, there has been stiff competition to produce the best mobile slot games and software. In fact, currently, companies like Microgaming make more than 40% of their revenue from mobile gaming. It is a beast that cannot be put back in its cage and this means there are huge levels of investment going into mobile slot and casino technology. It is highly exciting stuff and for us, nothing brings you closer to the action and excitement of a slot then playing on your mobile and via touchscreen.

Whilst mobile slot and casino tech is constantly evolving and so an area you’ll really want to keep your eye on, we’ll stick to the software available for you to play mobile slots currently. Which means you have two options;

  1. To instantly load up any mobile slot on your phone through the internet. You’ll first need to join a mobile casino (unless you are using SlotsBot’s online casino games). A mobile casino, is just like your desktop, except it is designed and optimized to be played on your mobile or tablet using HTLM5- simple right? In most cases, you can even load up the same slots site you use to play slots on your desktop computer and it will automatically load the mobile version. If you are yet to join a slots site then it’s pretty important you check out our casino reviews. They will tell you the best sites online and also how you can play for free by getting out this world casino joining bonuses.
  2. Your second option (which is becoming less common nowadays due to the cross-compatibility between desktop and mobile sites) is to download mobile slots app. Just as with your first option you’ll be downloading the application from an online casino, you’ll still need to pick a casino, sign up and you’ll still require an internet connection to play. The casino’s app will have a good selection of their games available for you to pick from, and is likely to contain their whole games lobby, but ultimately this depends on the casino and quality of their app. You’ll be able to download apps for both iPhone and Android phones.

Casino App vs Mobile Casino Sites 

mobile-app-slotsUntil recently the iStore and Google Play Store had banned all real money gambling and casino apps, but this all changed in mid-2018. Whilst some casinos were on the ball and had their apps ready to launch, others have been slower to catch up. This means it can be harder to find mobile slot applications for all casinos, whereas we’ll pretty much stake the good Slotsbot name on the fact that every online slots site will have a mobile version.

This means it’s much easier for you to choose where you want to play if you use a mobile site instead of an app. Another consideration may be how much space you have on your phone as applications take up memory, whereas playing in browser does not.

In terms of slot quality, the difference between using a mobile slot app and using a mobile slot site is negligible, if at all.  Whilst ultimately the choice of whether you chose to play mobile slots via a site or an app is up to you, for Slotsbot the winner, due to greater availability, is mobile slot sites. Check our online casino reviews for the best deals to play mobile.

Benefits of Playing Mobile Slots 

The Best Mobile Slots 

The Slotsbot team is always full of great slots suggestion and reviews for both mobile and desktop. Keep up to date with our latest news and recommendations and try all the best slot games. Don’t forget, with our try before you buy mentality you can take them all for a spin on us!

Other Mobile Games 

Whilst we’re here to predominately talk about slots when you are playing at a mobile casino site or app you’ll also be able to test drive and dabble in playing tons of other high thrill casino games, all of which are phenomenal when played via mobile. Why not give Roulette, Blackjack or the Live Casino a try and see if you find a new playing passion.

Slot Bonuses for Mobile 

As more casinos encourage slot players to engage with them more regularly and use their mobile sites they’ll offer you slot bonuses to become members and play regularly. It all starts from the moment you join with a welcome bonus, but a great online casino will make sure they keep you interested with incentives along the way.

The Best Mobile Slot Casinos and How to Sign Up 

slots-mobileMore and more players are migrating to mobile slots as their playing preference due to the sharp and immersive graphics, dynamic gameplay, all-round ease and wow factor of playing on the go. We for one are really excited about the future as mobile and slot technology continues to get better we can’t wait to see what the world of mobile slots is going to offer.

Finding the best mobile casinos is easy when you use as we’ve already painstakingly trawled the net to find which online casinos offer you the best deals, range of games, online security and service. All of our recommended slot casinos include mobile slots and a fully optimized mobile site, we won’t recommend a casino that doesn’t.

Signing up to a mobile casino is easy. Simply pick one of the top casino choices, decide whether you prefer to play via their mobile app or mobile site and register for an account. When you become a member you’ll be able to claim a welcome bonus that means you’ll be able to start spinning slots of free.