Red Dog Progressive

Red Dog Progressive is a poker variant unlike any other. Originating from the old west and played with only 3 cards, players bet on the outcome of the 3rd. This game concentrates on the luck of 1 card to win a hand and is created by software giants, NetEnt.


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Red Dog Progressive Software and Graphics

Red-Dog-Progressive-play-freeRed Dog Progressive follows standard table game format, a green felt table, bordered with highly polished wood, and dealer and player places set.

The Paytable and Spread are displayed in the middle of the table and a Red Dog chip will automatically move to tell you your spread and paytable win for each hand.

Red Dog Progressive is accompanied by sound effects only and user controls for sounds, play speed and progressive betting can be found under the spanner at the bottom, left of the screen. Red Dog Progressive can be played on Mac, Linux and Windows in browser.

Red Dog Progressive Game Play and Rules

Red Dog Progressive is played with a single deck of 52 cards. Wining is simple; all you need to do is draw a 3rd card that has a value between the 1st 2nd cards.

Ace is 14, King, Queen and Jack are 13, 12 and 11. All other cards are face value.

To start play, place an Ante bet and click Deal, this will give you your first 2 cards, face up and 1 more face down.  Look at your cards, check the Spread (the number of cards between your first 2. For 2 + 8, the Spread is 5) and decide whether to Raise or Call.  Raise doubles your bet and should be used if you have a chance at winning, Call plays the hand only at the Ante bet, if you are less sure you will win, but are still in with a chance.

  • If the 3rd card is within the Spread of the 1st 2 drawn the player wins.
  • If the 3rd card dealt is the same as or outside the Spread of your first 2 cards the table wins.
  • If 2 consecutive cards are dealt in the 1st 2 the hand is a draw, ending in bets returned.
  • If the 1st 2 cards dealt are identical a 3rd is still turned in the hope of achieving Three of a Kind, which pays out at 11:1. Therefore if you are dealt 2 matching cards we always recommend that you raise.

Red Dog Progressive Paytable, Bets and Limits

The paytable is calculated based on the spread, and therefore you odds of winning.

  • Spread of 1 pays 5:1
  • Spread of 2 pays 4:1
  • Spread of 3 pays 2:1
  • Spread of 4+ pays 1:1
  • Three of a Kind 11:1

Consecutive cards, no spread all bets are returned.

Minimum bets are €1 and maximum €100. Chip denominations are 1,5, 10 and 100. Red Dog Progressive uses a progressive betting system. This is an option that allows you to keep your winnings on the table and use them for the next round, if your winnings build up this means you can bet at a higher limit of up to €1000, but you also risk loosing significant winnings as you cannot collect or bet in part. This is an option for high-risk players and adds a whole new addictive and high thrill option to this table.

Overall thoughts on Red Dog Progressive

Red Dog Progressive is highly entertaining and requires little prior knowledge to play. Progressive betting adds a high risk and exciting option for players who are hunting extra thrills and make this a table for high rollers as well as low and beginners.

The graphics and software are high quality and create an authentic casino feel from your home. You can click here to play Red Dog Progressive for Free with NetEnt. You can also find out about other great table games and try playing them here.