In a world of legend and mythology, the Minotaur looms, hidden in a labyrinth awaiting you. Players take on the heroic character of Theseus in Minotaurus Video Slot from Endorphina casino. You must attempt to escape the underground labyrinth with winnings, whilst special features such as unlimited multipliers, Wilds, the love of Ariadna and Labyrinth Risk Game are in place to help you, but will you beat the legend of the Minotaur.

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Bonus Game
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Deep, Dark and 3D: Discover Minotaurus Slot

Minotaurus-slot-play-freeThe reels of Minotarus Video Slot are transparent, behind them you can see the dark, stone exposed, entrance to the labyrinth. Torches burn on either side, the flames moving in the wind, the stone brick walls are old and cracked.  This is a dark and haunted place to find yourself.

The sound effects that accompany this online slot build high anticipation and a sense of dread and depth as wind, howls and a bottomless laugh floats through the maze of tunnels to our screens.

Minotaurus – Mythology and Symbols

The Minotaur in Greek mythology is half-bull and half-man. He lived in a labyrinth under the court of King Minos, built especially to keep him. Tales told of how he only ate humans so escaping him and the labyrinth is life or death. The daughter of King Minos, Ariadna, is central to this tale as is her love for the hero, Theseus. Traditionally Ariadna, rescues Theseus, from the labyrinth after he slays the Minotaur, she uses thread to guide her way with Theseus.

All symbols reward coin prizes when 3+ appear on a winning bet line from left to right.

  • Theseus: This is the most profitable symbol, 5 will reward 1,000 coins.
  • Ariadna: is worth 800 coins for 5.
  • Maze or Ball of String: Both are worth 500 coins for 5.
  • Helmet or Shield: Both are worth 150 for 5.
  • A: J: These are the lowest paying symbols and worth only 100 for 5 of any.

The symbol design all follows traditional Greek elements, from the alphabet to shield design, and fulfills the Ancient Greek ambience well. The paytable is rewarding, but won’t blow you away, as other Endorphina software slots do.

 Minotaurus Bonus Features:

  • Minotaur Wilds and Re-Spins: The Minotaur acts as a Expanded Wild, appearing on reels 2, 3 + 4, he subs for any other symbols and covers a whole reel, activating Re-Spins. He is wonderfully animated and the best chance to enjoy this is during Re-spins, whereby, he displays his powering, jumping to shake the reels into spinning. Re-spins stop when there is a bet line win and a multiplier is applied, for each dead Re-Spin the multiplier will increase, it is unlimited.
  • Labyrinth Risk Game: The risk game centers on the battle and rescue of Theseus. It is offered after every main game win. If you click Take Risk you will be transported to the entrance to the labyrinth where you will enter. Inside the labyrinth you will meet either Ariadna (double your win) or the Minotaur (loose everything). You can double your winnings up to 5 times.

Bets and Accessibility

Coins are available starting at €0.01 up to €1, there are 10 bet lines this makes max credit bets 100 and the minimum 10 credits. RTP is 96% for Minotaurus Video Slot, to better understand how to bet with this slot take a look at our slots strategy page now. Minotaurus Video Slot can be played in browser from your computer, mobile or tablet device.

Overall Thoughts on Minotaurus Slot

Minotaurus Video Slot brings to life an old tale and does it well, but there is something missing, an edge of excitement, perhaps due to the lack of free games and bonus features. However, this online slot still has a lot to offer and is well worth trying out for its fantastic graphics and great paytable.

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